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Re: Super disturbing behavior changes in new school

Do you want to be correct, or do you want to be effective? You're correct that your teenage daughter shouldn't be skipping class to cheat on her boyfriend and engage in unprotected sex, but I don't think that removing her from school will help the situation. If anything, it would increase her chances of doing everything that you don't want her to do.

I don't know what the HIPAA laws regarding adolescents are, but this seems like something to discuss with your daughter's treatment team. Since you're posting this in a forum about ADHD, I'm assuming that you view this issue as being potentially related to ADHD? ADHD individuals have a much higher rate of engaging in risky behaviors, and treatment can help reduce impulsive behaviors. If your daughter refuses to talk to you, maybe she'd be less resistant to talking with a therapist? I'd suggest that you don't mention the diary. That would definitely make her less likely to listen to a single word that you say. Does she have oppositional defiance disorder?
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