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Re: Super disturbing behavior changes in new school

If it were me I would get the implanted birth control in her arm, and have a talk with her about expectations. She wants to live free, fine, there are rules. In my house you have to have an 80% average in core classes, such as math, science...etc. So if you have a 75 in English you had better have an 85% in math to average out to be an 80% or you don't get to go out.

I was VERY sheltered growing up without having ADHD and when I got to college I pretty much lost my mind with all the freedom and almost got kicked out. I didn't know how to wash dishes, or do my laundry, or cook for myself. I had never seen an episode of the simpsons or married with children or any of the popular movies like witches of eastwick or bull Durham and all because my mom wanted to keep me sheltered. Well I WAS sheltered! Sadly, that meant I couldn't handle half of what my college experience was throwing at me. I didn't understand the jokes, I didn't know how to be "normal", I went through my awkward teenager phase while in colleges. It's not the path I would recommend for anyone.

Kids are going to get it wrong, time and time again. But in order to be adults that get it right they have to figure out the wrong way first. They aren't going to believe the parents, they have to do it the hard way. Make sure she has a safe home base to come back to when things go REALLY wrong, and you might just create a functioning adult.
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