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Re: What Side-Effects Do You Experience from Amphetamines?

I no longer take them, but answered from memory, and checked all but erectile dysfunction, blurred vision (although I did have a prescription change/increase in my glasses around the same time to include bifocals, so it may have been attributed to the meds, too - ironically, i don't use/need those glasses anymore), and difficulty urinating (rather it was the opposite, as I went a whole lot more often).

Those issues arose with trying only two of the med options, adderal ir and vyvanse. The issues got even more intense and unbearable when the generics would get switched around.

Trying to become stable via methods being offered that seemed to be anything but stable eventually exhausted me and greatly lessened the quality of my life. To be fair, they were also adding different types of meds at the same time, which only worked to increase the intensity of my discomfort and ills.

I had tried ritalin illegally/recreationally back in my early 20s or so and it made me feel quite ill, so I had no interest in pursuing that route, or any others they suggested and started desperately seeking relief elsewhere.

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