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Re: The Official Adderall IR Generics Information Thread

I feel more confused now that I know more about generics.

*which I want to thank everyone who posts here because before I found this forum I had NO idea any of this was a thing. Thank you

I've taken Corepharma, Mylan and Teva brand generic IR (20/30mg) - no issues or major side effects until august 2017 when Teva seemed to stop working and I started getting horrible side effects. Since then its been downhill.

I stopped taking it the last few days, I don't feel any of the bad side effects but I'm also getting NOTHING done. Ok actually I did fall into a black hole on Pintrest for 3 hours yesterday.

Anyway - going to see my doctor today to get a new prescription but I'm confused about which brand I should be looking for.

*I did find a small local pharmacy (not a chain) near my house. I'd like to know what I should be asking for.
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