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Is this ADD or laziness? Just cant distingush!

I am 47 years old (92 kg) self employed male, believed to be suffering from ADHD from my 18 on-wards. I am on Starattera 80mg and occasionally use 'Indian' Concerta.(AddWize 18mg)
I was experiencing many co-morbidities like Anxiety disorder and OCD. I am on Escitalopram 10mg and they are under control now.

But My work situation, I think got better with medication, but still not made me productive. Sometimes I wonder is the ADHD or laziness? I am really struck in financial as well as meeting deadlines. But I am still keeping postponing or really not doing work with a locked to task mind. Most of the time I sit on my work desk , but not really stays on my work.
How we can distinguish this as a clinical problem because of not enough dosage or is it my character problem? I am so much struck financially, and even then, I cant find me locked to work means what?
What is the difference between a character trait called laziness and brain chemical imbalance which needs to be corrected with medications?

On my work computer, I do lot of things except income generating tasks.

How Can I handle this? Should I ask my Doctor to try higher doses? He is basically a very low dosage advocate and his normal dose suggestion is very low compared with doses mentioned by users in this forum. His opinion is ADHD is a problem which medication can solve only 20%. The rest 80% is self control or will power!. ( I feel and wish he is wrong in that opinion!!)
If my present financial situation is not giving me will power or motivation to work and complete a task, I don't think any other tactic can work except pharmacological intervention.
Please share your thoughts or view points which can help me in finding a solution.
Thanks for reading.

"Everything comes in time for those who can wait!"

Francois Rabelais
ADHD deprives us, of that Power!
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