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Re: Is this ADD or laziness? Just cant distingush!

Thank you Arthos for the post. I think I will ask My doctor for his opinion on trying higher doses. On reading the posts here about prescribed doses even for school children, I think my initial doses will be as good as no medication.
My Strattera dose for several weeks was only 25mg. On reading this forum I asked my doctor several times and later he agreed to give a try. and at 80mg only I started feeling some reduction in resistance to do my tasks.
I think on concerta also I will ask him to give a try.
In my case and observation this problem called my ADHD is a overwhelming feeling which automatically gets attached to my main tasks which needs to be done consistently. Also a inability to wait for some good result to come. I need to know the result immediately. I think that is what they call a inability to achieve delayed gratification.
May be all that included is what you are saying as self-regulation.
Strattera has given me control over some aspects like staying away from unwanted relationships which were exploiting me. before this I was not able to do what I need to do in relationships. But in work That capability is not yet achieved.

"Everything comes in time for those who can wait!"

Francois Rabelais
ADHD deprives us, of that Power!
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