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Re: Being ignored on dating sites

Originally Posted by Fraser_0762 View Post

No, it's not "bigDaddy". Perhaps I should try that one out though?
No, don't!

Originally Posted by Fraser_0762
My profile is kind of bland, but that's because my life is pretty bland, I don't really have much in the way of interests to talk about, because i'm terrible at pretty much everything and lose interest in a heartbeat.

But that's no different from their own profiles. I would ask them about one of their interests, but their profiles almost never say anything about them.
You don't have to be good at something to be interested in it. You could even say it's something you're improving your skills in. You can talk about your personality, goals, etc. I wouldn't message anyone who has nothing or almost nothing in their profile. How in the world can you know if you're interested if they don't say anything about themselves? Try to avoid those ones.

Have you tried POF? They match you with compatible people and give you a list of "top prospects".

Originally Posted by Frazer_0762
Is "hi" desperate?
"Hi" is not desperate, but there are a lot of "hi" comments, so it's easy to ignore. These are a few I've seen so far that made me cringe. "Hi beautiful" (a better alternative would be something more specific to that person, less generic), kissy emojis (slap yourself if you do that), "What are you up to tonight?" (Maybe it's just me, but that strikes me as creepy). Ideally, the best message would be something related to a shared interest you see in their profile, something that's unique and non-generic. Otherwise, you're just going to sound like all the rest and not stand out.

I replied to one message I got and he replied back promptly, but it was a very short answer to my question and didn't elaborate much or ask me anything about myself. So now I'm wondering what that means. This online dating thing is confusing.
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