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Re: Is this ADD or laziness? Just cant distingush!

Originally Posted by mildadhd View Post
Are you sure you did not have ADHD before the age of 18?
Do you mean you have had ADHD symptoms since you can remember, but were not officially diagnosed until age 18?
As far as I can remember, this thing started to cause serious consequences for me around 18. Until then my academic performance was good. Suddenly I remember to be having great resistance to study and started failing in exams, developed OCD and eventually dropped out of college.
The year is 1988 and location is rural india.I never heard my doctor discussing anything about a name AdHD. My visible and serious problem at that time was OCD, depression and anxiety. He tried different SSRIs and got that under control. So I started the unsuccessful life of self employment and uncompleted tasks.
Later in my forties I heard of this term ADHd from internet and consulted another new Gen doctor who diagnosed me, put me on atomoxene and concerta in very small doses. My situation is improving but still searching for answers and results which can save my ruined life , finances and work.
Thanks for reading.

"Everything comes in time for those who can wait!"

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ADHD deprives us, of that Power!
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