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Vyvanse / Adderall with DHEA / Extenze / Pregnenolone

Hey long time lurker first time poster, glad to be here.

I have been on adhd medication off and on for most of my life,
Iíve been prescribed Concerta, Vyvanse, and Adderall IR & XR at different times.

Last year I was prescribed two 30mg IR daily, and I would always have like half the bottle left by the time my next appointment was up.

I took a break of approximately six months clean of all drugs and alcohol, including adhd medication. After six months I decided my adhd was getting in the way and sought help. Nine months later am still abstinent from everything except the adhd medication that I asked my new primary care doctor to put me back on to help with the symptoms.

He started me on 5mg twice daily, and then next month switched to 20mg XR, and now on 40mg Vyvanse. The dose is simply ineffective for me, but I guess the doctor wants me to go up slowly. I tried to show him that 20mg XR is approximately 50-60mg Vyvanse but heís just a pcp not a psychiatrist and wanted to start me off at 30mg. Anyway,

I was interested to have my blood work labs done for any hormone/thyroid issues that may also be causing adhd symptoms, and results came back that thyroid levels were good, all other enzyme/cholesterol/etc was good, but my testosterone level was 384ng/dL, which is in normal 300-1000 range, but is at the bottom 5% percentile for men of my age. The average is around ~600ng/dL.

So after taking the 5mgs and 20mgs as prescribed and the 40mg Vyvanse being ineffective, I started playing with my dose this month. I found that ~60mg to 80mg works okay, but i think I prefer the more controlled dosing and timing of the IR.

I have a pending endocrinologist appointment to get a second opinion of the low testosterone, but I donít want to be put on a regimen of shots or anything. I started researching a little bit and found that DHEA and pregnenolone can help raise these levels. I have been experiencing symptoms of low testosterone like weight gain (Iím at my all time high, now technically according to BMI I am obese), lack of energy, and low sex drive.

I bought some 50mg DHEA and the only supplement I could find with pregnenolone in it, Extenze. Iíve been taking one 50mg at night and one Extenze in the morning. Starting out testing those waters Iíve found in combination with just the 40mg Vyvanse, I feel overstimulated. And not in the good focused way, more like a way too much caffeine way.

So does anybody have any thoughts and insight on what I should do? Could it be most of my adhd symptoms were just signs of a low testosterone? Do I need to ditch the low testosterone route of thinking and just try to increase my adhd medication dose to where I know it will get me results? Do I let me doctor know I experimented with my Vyvanse dose or keep it on the low?

I may try to ditch the Extenze and try just the DHEA, I may look for a Pregnenolone-only supplement and just try that, I donít know.

Just wondering if anybody has any similar experience or advise.
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