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Re: The what's bothering you RIGHT NOW thread Part IV

Originally Posted by Fuzzy12 View Post
I have mostly got two things cooking at the same time. It just seems like too much of an effort to cook thrm consecutively. Maybe that explains why my cooking is so bad..
I overcook things when I do two things at a time too on the stovetop.

My mom got me this 3 stack steamer that has a timer on it. Thought she wasted her money but now I can cook the main, vegetable side, and the next nights dinner all at the same time without messing up at all due to the timer.

Can bake multiple things at a time too since I can use a timer with that too. It's why one week may be mostly steamed food meals, the next week, it may be mostly baked foods. Much easier and less diswashing cookware.

Instant pots, slow cookers, sous vide - all very hard to overcook with though I'm not sure if your types of meals work well with those appliances.
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