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Re: Do you ever feel like most people don't believe what you say?

Sometimes and sometimes not. Many times i couldn't convince people of my ideas at one point.

I realize now it was for a few reasons. Main was because they just didn't think the same way as me. I couldn't really imagine what made them afraid to try my idea cause what risks they saw, I didn't really see as a risk at all. Plus how I presented the ideas to them was wrong.

I finally learned that the best way (for me anyway) to get what I want is to present my ideas in person and in a group setting. I could better gage their reaction as i watched them in person and fears they didn't say over say an email could be coaxed out of them when speaking with them directly. Also, when one of my ideas was radically different from what they had done before, it was better to say in public cause they could hear others liking the idea as well so would be less afraid to try something different.

Course, I figured all this out after I stopped giving a crap at work so was a little too late.

I sometimes am afraid people listen to me more than they should. Like I think i can sound very convincing sometimes cause I can sound very logical. But sometimes the logic is wrong, yet I still sound like I'm right I think.

Tbh, I'm afraid sometimes of the responses I give here and that it's wrong but I'll still have convinced people that my idea is the right one.

I'm actually surprised you feel that way invitro cause you often sound extremely convincing to me. You often seem extremely passionate in your arguments and you express your passion in a style that is so poetically beautiful it's hard not to be drawn into your beliefs. I know you've riled me up to quit my job and follow my dreams many times (until I couldn't get my self to move to make it happen lol though I really am doing it now but it's cause in addition to your and unmanagables posts that have influenced me, I just cant can't stand work any longer).
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