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Just diagnosed at the age of 27

Hey guys! New to this forum. I was just diagnosed for ADHD at the age of 27 (or turning 27 in less than a week). I feel like my life finally makes sense. I kind of knew for a while but finally got a psychiatrist to evaluate and diagnose. Over the course of my life, I have come up with so many coping mechanisms and my cell phone is you can say one of my best friends as it helps me stay on top of things and stay organized, reminds me for things I need to do and helps me with my to-do-lists.
The psychiatrist recommended I start taking Vyvanse.
After switching many careers trying to find the right fit, I will be starting med school next year (2018) as I believe Emergency Medicine is the right fit for my ADHD personality something I genuinely also enjoy.
I somehow managed to get high grades in school but it was super difficult compared to others who managed to get good grades. My psychiatrist said my high IQ was masking my ADHD - didn't know this was such a thing.
As I am completely new to this - like everything from the ADHD medications, how to share with family/friends, how to incorporate this knowledge in my day-to-day life, etc, I am looking for any advice/tips I can get!
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