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Re: No report cards to bring

A friend of mine who get assessed by the same mental health team was asked to bring report cards if they had them. Haven't received my letter yet, but chances are I will be asked the same.

I do have report cards up to age 11, but they are just a list of numbers that don't even mean anything to anyone because they are from abroad. There are no written comments on the report cards.

My parents still live abroad, so I can't bring them. Not that they would be any help since they think that everything that I do is normal even when it is objectively not.

The notebooks are not that insightful either, I guess. I only used a couple of pages in each. They start off in the first week with actual homework that's done, in the second week I have written "logic" to all questions that I knew how to answer but couldn't be bothered to, and in the third week I stopped writing anything at all
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