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Re: Do you ever feel like most people don't believe what you say?

Yeah. I'm very good at written communication, but when I talk my brain is racing too fast, and there are often too many things I'm trying to communicate (or not communicate) at once, thus my speech patterns veer between choppy (stumbling over words and almost stuttering) and a headlong, rapid torrent (that too often goes off on tangents).

I may not come off as stupid, or intentionally dishonest, but when I talk to people (especially strangers), I feel like I come across as scatterbrained, not entirely credible, and, frankly, kind of a dork. So I've learned to roll with it and laugh at myself, because what else am I going to do?

If I need to convey an important idea, persuade somebody, or bring up tricky emotional stuff, I write it down to get all of my points straight, and rehearse saying it ahead of time. Which means I'm pretty good at public speaking or giving presentations or giving bad news, but revert to being a total dork during any social chit-chat afterward. (Unless, of course, alcohol enters the picture, but since booze and I aren't really friends, it rarely does.)

I will say this, however: the worst of my anxieties at potentially not being believed (or taken seriously) came from being the child of a Narcissist who routinely belittled me, and accused me of being dramatic or telling stories just to get attention. Getting over the effects of his mental and emotional abuse really helped in that regard; if I worry that I'm not being believed these days, it's because of how I'm saying things, not what I'm saying.
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