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Re: are there meds to control PTSD?

Originally Posted by Draga View Post
I have PTSD among other problems but have no medication to treat it. My flashbacks come without warning and I don't even have to be in a familar place, smells, sounds, or not even familiar music or tv that have same situation of trauma that I have experience with. The only way I can deal with these recuring flashbacks is i yell at them inside my head to go away and leave me alone...sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes I yell at them aloud and people think I am nuts when I say things like NO I DON"T WANT TO ANYMORE GO AWAY!

There must be another way to control flashbacks.
Meds can be of slight help, particularly benzodiazapenes like clonazapam which have a calming effect, and if depression is part of the problem, then SSRI's like paxill can help. However, the real treatment of PTSD is trauma work. Google EMDR for Post and Complex traumatic stress disorder.
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