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Was my friend rude or it`s just his ADHD?

Hello, I have a question regarding a very close friend of mine who has ADHD (and depression, if that matters). Anyways, the problem with him is that anytime we skype or just talk on the phone he is SO INCREDIBLY absent minded and like he doesnt pay any attention to what Im saying. For example last time we skyped, WHILE we skyped, he was busy writing an essay on his pc, with me telling him if he please could stop doing that since I was there trying to talk to him! And it wasn`t even a sudden call, we arranged that skype call some time before. I told him many times to give me his full attention, just for 5 seconds (since he seemed able to do so the previous times) and to stop wrinting his resume while I was trying to chat to him, even if it was very difficult (I had to repeat the questions many times before getting an answer etc). After about 40 minutes or so I gave up, it was just so tiresome and told him that I had to go and he could continue do his business. But he told me not to and seemed genuinely sorry for his behaviour. So after that his level of attention stayed up for another 30 minutes and that was that.

My question for you is: can his behaviour be related to his ADHD or hes just being a dick? I mean, we ve never met in real life before (yet), but we talked on the phone before and while his attention span is generally low, hes never so blatantly ignored what I was saying to do something completely different. Also, via text he`s usually much more focused. So, should I be mad at him? I mean, I understand he has ADHD, but how can you ignore for 40 minutes someone who is trying to talk to you??
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