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Re: DWI from Adderall, and cops didn't see me driving?

Thanks for your reply, psychopathetic! Yes they took me to jail that night. I had to wait at the hospital from 11-2:30am while I watched the cop take his sweet time writing up his report. He even told me while at the hospital that he wished he picked up someone who was drunk and violent rather than me. After the hospital he took me to jail, and I was booked into jail at 3:30 am and somehow got out the next day, on a Saturday morning of all mornings, at 11:30, luckily being released on my own recognizance thankfully enough.

There are two positive things that have come out of this: however, and those see that by having to pay for an attorney each month, I therefore have learned how to save for a decent amount of money for rent each month, a skill that I didn't have before this took place, and also since having to pay for lyft/Uber rides everywhere, that also equates to a car payment each month. So aside from this whole ordeal being such a hassle, at least I'm learning some good life skills out of it on the bright side!
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