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I really dont know what to do sometimes

for the past year i have been jumping around from mental illnesses. i thought i had bipolar disorder i thought i had a lot of things but when i went to my therapist they thoguht i had add i didnt tell him everything but i feel like i told him most of the important stuff.i do have mood swings but there more off emotions and getting worried all of the time.i cant concentrate at all i can stick to a task only for about an hour max and they said i have add.Then they perscived me adderal which tbh saved my life now i have to go in for an evaluation just to confirm i have well i really dont have to its optional but ever since i been on the medication i been happy i got a little bit of ego but i can stan up for myself more i can do things i was never able to do my whole life i do day dream constantly but the adderal calms it down i feel human i can drop anyone that treats me like garbage with no care im just so scared of loosing it i cant live without it otherwise i dont see much of a point to live a life where one could never be happy. i personally think i have add my friends think otherwise the adderal only makes me super hyper within its first hour and i take xrs extended releases and 2 hours later i feel normal i feel happy i dont want to lose something i finally have that makes my life amazing.Im just getting so tired of jumping around i just want to know what i have and call it so i can work on it.i procrastinate all of the time too with out it in general im tired of getting swapped around on everything please some one help me idk what to do
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