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Re: Study help

When I was in college and graduate school, i used to make a lot of flashcards for tests or foreign language vocabulary or pretty much anything I wanted to memorize. Then I would carry them around and review them whenever I had a moment. I would test myself on each card to make sure I knew the material. The idea was to get the information out of my faulty working memory and into my long-term memory. It usually worked well, I got good grades for most of my classes.

Of course, these days (10 yrs after I graduated) you would probably use a flashcard app on your phone rather than actual cards. There are several good ones out there. Look for one that will schedule reviews for you automatically and send you notifications when reviews are due. Saves you having to remember to review.

For a mind that wanders during study, finding the best study place is important- one that is quiet and not distracting. I used to hang out in the quietest corners of the college library.

Also it helps to take frequent, short breaks. Don’t try to study for an hour and then take a fifteen minute break. Study for like ten minutes or so and then take a two minute break. Something that is not too stimulating so you don’t get hyperfocused and stretch the break out to half an hour! Maybe take a quick walk around the library. Or play one round of a very short game on your phone or tablet... whatever works for you.
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