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Re: I'm just a ghost

Originally Posted by Fraser_0762 View Post
Is it possible to be so socially awkward that people hate you so much so quickly that they won't even acknowledge that you are there?
Gracious, people canít hate you if they donít even know you and all youíve done is smile at them! Or if they do, they are making too hasty a judgment. But my guess is that no one there hates you. They were just busy with their own things.

No one could be more socially awkward than I was when I started college. I just didnít know how to interact in a group setting, and I got very frustrated with myself sometimes. But no one hated me, it just took me longer to make friends than it takes for most people. And in time, I began to learn better social skills... however awkward you are socially, it is a skill that can be improved with practice. So donít despair.

I donít know if this is true for you, but I learned that one reason people sometimes wouldnít talk to me at parties was because they thought I looked like I was engrossed in my own thoughts and didnít want to be bothered. As I have symptoms of inattentive-type ADHD, yeah, I do get pretty engrossed in my own thoughts, but actually I did want people to talk to me. But sometimes they didnít know it until I made an effort to talk to them first. Then I found out they actually enjoyed my company just fine, after all.
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