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Re: Suspected Bipolar 2. Feeling really stupid.

Originally Posted by DeClutter View Post
AD(H)D and Bipolar do overlap in my opinion, if i look back at my life there have been highs and lows, which could even fit in hypomaniac and depressed states.

But ussually when i look back there are clearly parallel factors in my life that i can point out that from an ADD/hyperfocus point of view influence my mood states for longer periods of time. It is rarely that i get depressed when things are going well, same goes for the other way around. I think herein lies the difference.
Well I am admittedly quite reactive to the events in my life, however a lot of my moods just come out of nowhere. Iíll go through periods of feeling low and Iíll still feel like crap even when things are okay. Iíve also had periods of incredible optimism despite plunging into debt due to impulse spending and ebay bidding. Last year I won a prize from a summer challenge and I ended up having this idea in my head that I could win stuff or get rich by virtue of being more ďluckyĒ, I guess. I also signed up for a bunch of classes and ended up enrolling on a masters program (which I ended up having to take time out of because of anxiety and paranoia). At least, my family thought that I jumped into it too quickly (though thatís also an ADHD thing).

Oh, and my moods are way more sensitive these days to the seasons. Never used to be this way until I went to uni. Itís usually the springtime and summer months that I embark on the zaniest of my zany schemes and in autumn and winter when I just want to crawl into a cave and die. Apparently bipolar people are highly susceptible to SAD so I thought Iíd mention that.

With all that being said, there very well could have been extenuating circumstances that triggers these mood changes instead of bipolar. Like, I still feel tired because of insomnia (well, my body does anyway). I think if into were genuine bipolarity I wouldnít still feel physically tired from lack of sleep. Iím tracking my symptoms so hereís hoping that itís not bipolar and thatís iím just being a hypochondriac.

Thanks folks! Iíll keep you guys posted.
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