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Re: ADHD-Inattentive, hyperfocus and hypofocus?

Originally Posted by mildadhd View Post
Interesting, thanks.

Do people hyperfocus on things they enjoy?

Do people hypofocus on things they enjoy?

Does hyperfocusing require dopamine?

Does hypofocusing require dopamine?

People with ADHD tend to focus on activities that are stimulating *because* these activities help them increase their levels of dopamine. People with ADHD have deficient baseline levels of dopamine, so they are constantly looking for ways to increase dopamine. At least, this is according to the standard biological model of ADHD.

That is why someone with ADHD might not be able to do homework or chores (boring!), but seems to never have issues with video games (stimulating!).

IMHO, you're focusing (excuse the pun!) too much on the semantics of "hyper" vs "hypo" focusing, and you're missing the bigger picture. Plus, the DSM does not use these terms in its clinical description of ADHD, so I don't know whether there's even an authoritative definition for these terms in the context of ADHD.
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