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Last year (pre ADHD awareness) I deleted my Facebook and Twitter accounts because... well... at the time I didn't know why, but now I think it's because they were overwhelming, just another experience of feeling a stranger in a strange land, something that I didn't need. I swore off online communities then, but I am so glad to have found this place now.

I'm a 53 yo woman, in the process of being diagnosed (switching from a psychologist to a psychiatrist and need to wait a few weeks for the first appointment), whose symptoms came crashing down around me once I entered menopause. So many things about my life now are beginning to make sense: quirks and struggles I'd attributed to social anxiety or introversion or laziness or a fixed mindset or being the target of childhood teasing or being highly sensitive or depression (which was led me to therapy and, after the first session, the suggestion that I may be dealing mainly with attention issues) are all better explained by ADHD.

So who am I really?

"You know nothing, YodaWannabe."

The fresh start I'd been grasping for elusively my entire life finally feels within reach, but for reasons I never would have predicted.
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