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Re: Stressed out in the Bahamas

Thanks very much for all your helpful responses.

On medication, I've taken meds for about 12 years. Currently, I take Adderall, which I get when I go back to Florida every 3 months for hotel supplies. Here I get Concerta, which is the only ADD med available. I've never had a doctor who would prescribe dexedrine and I was surprised by how many of you are taking it. I've read that it's often more effective than Adderall, which is only so-so for me.

ADD is definitely hindering me, and so is fear. Not anxiety, outright fear. I fear, maybe unrealistically, maybe not, that everything will go wrong and I'll lose the entire estate, or at least big chunks of it.

I do have lawyers, but they haven't taken over and handled everything. I can't find documents that they need. (Big surprise). I've even thought of going for hypnotherapy to try to locate them. There are decisions that only I can make and I delay, avoid, run away.

It's almost 2 years now since my husband died. This is just so ADD.
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