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Job/Career Predicament

As we enter another new year, I once again find myself unemployed and rather aimless in my life. Whilst I am no longer depressed and feel somewhat upbeat on Concerta (I still believe my dose is too low though), it's remarkably difficult for me to identify what I want to do with my life.

Despite my relatively old age (I turn 28 in May), I have never held down a job for longer than 6 months and if voluntary work is disregarded I have only worked for about a year in total since leaving school with poor grades in the summer of 2008.

Prior to my ADHD diagnosis, I was fortunate to be employed by the NHS as an Apprentice Business Administrator in the Winter of 2016. However, I resigned in March after three months of feeling utterly useless in the role. My boss was extremely kind and supportive of my ASD yet I couldn't continue to feel like a complete liability for another 9 months.

I am now applying for similar apprenticeship positions but I do suspect that my age and appalling work history are setting me back. It's perhaps for the best as I would associate strong organisational skills, excellent time management abilities and attentiveness to detail with good administrators....none of which I possess.

At the age of 27, my prospects look rather bleak as I do not have a degree and my interpersonal skills suck. Thus, virtually any customer service role would prove to be troublesome.

I would be interested to learn what other ADHDers do for a living and the age at which you learnt your core interests, biggest strengths and greatest weaknesses.
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