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Need some help with my ADHD Child.

This is more for me than my kid. Hence where I'm posting this.

I have ADD, however my son has ADHD, with pretty severe on the hyperactivity and impulse controls.

He has 3 brothers who are struggling wanting to even play with him. Like last night, he was having more fun being completely out of control, than playing basketball like the rest. Everyone got mad at him, and he then assumes they are all making fun of him.

I have been pushing him pretty hard about being in control. That the way he is acting is pushing people around him away. Or causing them to make fun of him.

He jumps off the deep end at times saying "no one likes him". or will say "I don't care what others think of me, but if they call me dumb I'm going to punch them in the face"

He has such a sweet spirit. Always trying to help others, opening doors for people. Will go out of his way to help his brothers. but when it comes to playing with them it usually ends with them being frustrated and him getting his feelings hurt.

I don't know what to do. He's on meds. I try reasoning with him but it never goes anywhere. I'm at an utter loss...
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