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Re: Was my friend rude or it`s just his ADHD?

Well, that does sound quite rude, and I’m not saying you should excuse that, but it might help explain it. He might not intend to be rude. I am not even very severely ADD but I often struggle with phone calls because I get distracted by what is around me in the room. So hard to pay attention when there isn’t a person actually in the room to focus on. Especially on long calls, or if the connection isn’t totally clear and there is static or something.

As another poster said, if he had an essay preying on his mind, he was probably very distracted. Worse than usual. Hence, less concentration than usual. If he is that distracted, more than usual, you would probably both be much less frustrated if you don’t keep trying for 40 minutes. When you realize he is too distracted, just politely close (no sense in two people being rude) and try another time.

Anyway, from what you said, he did eventually apologize and listen to you for 30 whole minutes! That’s a long time for me when I feel distracted. How about taking his apology as genuine, and discussing with him ways to help him remove distractions so that your skype calls can go better in future?
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