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Re: Anyone addicted?

I always prided myself that i didn't have any addictions except for the most widely accepted one that involves nicotine.

Most other stimulants and recreational drugs either made me anxious or apathic, so i never seemed to have the biology to get addicted to anything...

until i realised that i infact had another socially more acceptable addiction... i was a workaholic. And although i trived professionally, on a personal front it cost me dearly before i finally could see it was a problem. Only then i could take all the necessary - and as in giving up any addiction - painfull steps to scale it back.

is it just the ADD that is responsible for addiction? Most likely not, most likely there is also a childhood component in there that sets a person off in a self-destructive effort to keep a pain supressed, anxieties numbed down or a core void filled.

All i can say is that any addiction doesn't just go away with some good intentions and a bag of promises. The turning point ussually comes when the addict is in an EQUAL or GREATER pain then the pain he is actually trying to surpress through the addiction.

Therefore, in these cases, things ussually get worse before they get better. You can not help him until he realises himself that he is running out of excuses and basically is destroying whatever is left in his life that is dear to him.

this is where being a co-dependant or enabler backfires, thinking that if you help him he will stop. No, it's only when he stops that you can help him.
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