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Re: Questions about so called SCT?

Originally Posted by namazu View Post
If you're referring to Barkley's claim, he considers ADHD (in any of its presentations, with at least some symptoms of hyperactivity or impulsivity) to be one kind of attention disorder, and "SCT"/"CDD" to be another.

He seems to believe that ADHD is primarily a problem of executive function and impulse control, whereas that "SCT"/"CDD" is primarily a problem of regulation of alertness/arousal and sustained attention.

(Some people might argue that sustaining attention is an executive function, and/or that ADHD is also related to regulation of alertness/arousal and sustained attention. TygerSan made the point in another thread that the roles of impulse control vs. attentional processes -- and different types of attentional processes -- have been hotly debated since people started thinking about these things as disorders.)
Is SCT (or ADD) and CDD the same thing?

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