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Stimulant drugs havenít really helped my focus?

Iím a student who lives off an extremely tight budget and has been spending A LOT of money on my appointments with my private doc in the U.K. Iíve so far tried ritalin and Concerta at low dosages, both of which practically made me worse than ever and which Iím sure made my motivation hit rock bottom. Since then Iíve been on Vyvanse for three months, and am at 50mg now. It helps me feel better and calmer, since I had a pretty low mood this past year, and it somewhat helps me with my motivation, although Iím not seeing any real affect on my focus despite what my initial thinkining was.

I experienced euphoria on the first day since I hadnít really used any kind of dopamine influencing drugs previously. Now Iím feeling that when studying I donít really get any motivation to study and will still easily be distracted. In other situations Iím pretty much okay, although I do feel I communicate better with people now.

To add to this, 50mg only really lasts me 6 hours more or less, with slight variations depending on if I have my breakfast earlier or later and if I supplement with magnesium. At the end of this 6 hours I usually crash somewhat and mitigate this by having a caffeine drink which seems to do okay.

Iím scared that nothing has really worked for me, and given the UKs strict regulations, thereís isnít anything else other than Dexedrine which can be prescribed. Does anyone have any solutions? I previously experienced acid reflux so I donít know if that plays a roll in the effect or longetivity of the drug. Will non-stimulant drugs like Intuiniv in addition to Elvanse help?

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