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Recently Diagnosed trouble deciding on medication

So I've been recently diagnosed with ADHD -inattentive type. Before I could begin any form of medication I had to get a EKG/ECG done. I did the EKG testing and it comes out that I have a "premature ventricular contraction" or PVC. Due to this I'm being denied being able to use Stimulant ADHD medication (Ritalin, Adderall, etc). I've also been asked to quite caffeine entirely and been given the option to get the testing done again in about 1 month to see if that was the cause of my issue (I was ingesting approx. ~600-800mg of caffeine daily) and if I'm good at that point I could possibly start a Stimulant medication. Problem is there's no guarantee I'll have a good test. I was told to lookup some other options. Strattera (Atomoxetine) which seems ok, but everything I'm finding on it suggests it's less effective than the stimulants, but still effective. Guanfacine which the side effects of that seem positively terrible especially since some of the things that bother me the most about my symptoms would be made worse by those side effects (Sedation feeling, Anxiety, Nightmares, etc) and finally Wellbutrin which everything I'm finding on this suggests it's marginally better than placebo for ADHD...

The doctor who referred me to the psychiatrist who diagnosed me also prescribed me Prozac (Fluoxetine), and that was absolutely terrible and would never do again.

So I guess the main things I'm looking for is...

Should I wait to see if I can be put on a stimulant?
Should I try a different drug in the mean time?
What are people's experience with the nonstimulant medication?

Also should mention I'm looking to avoid feeling super tired, rather not have my anxiety issues come back, I don't want to be an apathetic zombie to life.
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