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Re: Meeting with School Today

Agree with Sarah, when you said Catholic School was already being accommodating I almost fell out of my chair. I haven't heard of that before. The public schools are funded by the government, so if they don't follow the IEP (Individualized Education Plan) they could actually loose their funding. There is no incentive for a Catholic School to allow anyone accommodations, which is why most don't.

I have an 8 year old and a 15 year old, both ADHD, both with a IEP. Both are in what we call co-taught classes. Two teachers, one teaches and the other acts as a back up if a kid is struggling with a concept, or they see someone spacing out they get them to focus back on the teacher. It has worked WONDERS!

I can't see the teacher assigning less work. It isn't catholic vs public it's that it isn't fair to the other students if he has less work to do. That would require him to go to a special class which is why kids in public school that have an IEP are considered Special Education, because they literally need special education. The classes teach the same things but in a more streamlined way. My son didn't have an IEP until 8th grade so he was able to explain the difference to me.

In the general classes the teachers are trying to get the kids to use their imaginations, and explore their personal feelings, and link those things to learning. So the teacher might say how do you think Columbus was feeling on his voyage to the new world, what would YOU have packed for that long trip? That is actually a good way for most kids to learn, but my kids would be so hung up in their thoughts they would miss what everyone said, and also miss when the teacher said there was a test coming up, he was just off in his own head thinking. In his new classes the teachers give them dates, and facts, and if they do discuss what he might have brought with him they give him a word bank of things that Columbus may or may not have brought. This helps him stay focused on the topic.
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