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ADD and Driving

Hi all,

I havenít been here for a really long time.. Iím struggling.

I was on Dex for around 2 years in Australia for ADD, but then I moved to the USA. I got off Dex before moving to the US because my psych and I thought I would do okay without it (and Iíve done fine up until now - 12 months after moving here)

Itís now time to get my drivers licence and itís a disaster! Learning to drive on the wrong side of the road and everything being opposite is a nightmare.. and an accident waiting to happen.

Firstly, how do I go about getting back on Dex in the USA? What is the process? Is it expensive? The medical system over here is completely different to Australia.

Secondly, is driving with ADD hard for everyone or just me? I wasnít that great at it in Australia either. Itís like thereís an overload of too much stuff happening at once and Iíll focus on one thing, but neglect/forget about everything else happening around me, which causes me to make lots of mistakes. Its like thereís a delayed response and my brain canít work as fast as it needs to

I hope someone can relate and get back to me.. Iím feeling really angry/upset at myself and my ADD. It seems like driving to everyone else is simple, but itís like rocket science to me.
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