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Re: Meeting with School Today

Oh I know how fortunate I am, however I believe that is more a function of where I live and not that my specific Catholic school is special. I won't get into politics, but the bay area is much more accepting and accommodating and that is why I live where I live.

My son has had amazing teachers up to this point and they have already accommodated him even without a diagnosis. They let him have a standing desk, use a rubber band to "run", work at the back counter or teacher's desk, and created "Luka island" which is his desk separate from the others so he wouldn't be as distracted.

What I am really looking for are things like no timed test, take tests in the office so no distractions, and no busy work. In third grade there are tons of assignments that are repetitive. He is gifted and is testing at 6th grade level for reading and math. He doesn't need to do something 100 times to prove he knows it. He doesn't need to color in a worksheet every week to prove he knows basic music notes as he reads music and has been taking piano since he was 6. I don't want him to have an exception to know concepts he needs to know, I want him to be able to prove he understands the concept and move on.. His psychologist agrees and that is what she asked for.

I think in some ways we will be more accommodated for in our current school because we don't have to go through the government "red tape". His school values him and wants him to be a part of their community. They can also use common sense instead of having to follow set guidelines pushed down to them. If he KNOWS something, why make him suffer and keep doing it over and over again?

Maybe I am wrong, but I am hopeful they will be accommodating. I just get nervous in the higher grades when he won't automatically know a topic/concept right away and will need to concentrate to make sure he masters it. In those situations I think a "team teaching" approach like what you guys described would be better for him and that is not available to him, obviously.

This is all new to me as he was just formally diagnosed, but we are also luckily in a good school district so we always have that as a fall back. With both my kids I have always taken each school year as it comes and reassess if the catholic school is the right place for them. After all we are paying for it.

Thanks for all the advice. I was hoping to find someone in San Jose that might help me with our schools specifically. I couldn't find anything on the school website about ADHD, etc. I guess I will just have to call and ask to speak with someone. I want to understand what programs and concepts they use at the public school around ADHD.

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