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Adderall, Anxiety and Menstrual cycles

Hello, I am new to this forum and hope this is a good place for this post

I am 25 years old and I was recently diagnosed with ADHD a little over a month ago and have been taking Adderall XR for a month now.

My doctor started me off on 10 mg for the first 4 days and then had me take two 10 mg once a day from the 5th day on. (so 20mg a day)

I haven't had any problems with it necessarily, it has worked great on my attentiveness, there's been times while at work that I don't realize its been an hour and I've processed 100 claims. so thats great!

But when it came time to get a refill on my prescription, there was an issue with my insurance where they wouldn't cover the script at two 10mg capsules a day but would cover a one 20mg capsule a day script.

I don't know if its normal but when I started taking the one 20mg capsule, I felt like it didn't work "as well" as when i was taking two 10 mg capsules. Is that normal? I always take it at the same time everyday (in the morning). I definitely still think the medicine is working especially after giving it some time. Just wondering if that is a normal thing that happens lol

Also does anyone know if there is any correlation between menstrual cycles and Adderall? About a week after starting Adderall XR, my menstrual cycle was a bit off. It started a day earlier than normal and I had no symptoms (like cramps) and it was lighter than usual. It lasted the same amount of time for me (about 4 days). I'm due for my period again in about a week so I'm nervous to have it happen again, unless its normal that Adderall can affect menstrual cycles lol I should also mention that I do take birth control and have since I was 17 and my menstrual cycle is easily affected by stress and anxiety, which I have. I also have PMDD which I take Fluoxetine 20mg the week before and after my menstrual cycle. I guess I'm just not sure if its the Adderall affecting it or just my general anxiety. If anyone has experienced anything like this it would be great to know

Also, is it normal for Adderall to cause an increase in anxiety? I know it sounds weird but there will be times during the day when I'll start to worry that the medicine isn't working even though it is, which I know is just my anxiety cause thats what it does, makes me question everything even when theres no evidence to support my thoughts.

Sorry if this post is a little on the longer side, just have a lot of thoughts I had to get out
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