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Re: ADD and Driving

Hey Brooke, Welcome to the States and hope you're enjoying yourself. I edited your OP to help me respond.

Originally Posted by Brooke85 View Post
The medical system over here is completely different to Australia.
The medical system is kinda handled like auto insurance, but provided by many different entities. Private insurance companies, individual/collective employers, Worker unions, individual States and by our Federal Gov't to name a few. How much is paid for and what is "covered" can be different for each one.[/quote]

Firstly, how do I go about getting back on Dex in the USA?
You go to your physician. He/She will evaluate you and if deemed appropriate for you, write (may be on paper or done electronically) a prescription authorizing you to purchase the Dex from a Pharmacy. The Pharmacy is normally a private business.

What is the process?
For Dex the pharmacy may or may not have it on-hand. Also if they have to "order it" it may take up to ~week. So you may have to check with the pharmacies in the area. Also, if you have a routine prescription and have a favorite pharmacy, you can discuss having them keep enough on-hand for you so in the future you won't have to wait for an order.

Is it expensive?
Here is where the individual insurance you have comes in. Some insurance may not cover Dex or only cover a small portion of the cost. Other insurance may pay all of it or almost all of the cost. Individual insurers usually have preferred meds in that you will have a lower copay or fewer restrictions. IF OTOH you are paying the full cost, you have to shop around like you would for say a new phone. Different pharmacies will have different prices. Manufacturers may have discounts for people w/ little to no insurance. The pharmacy chains may have similar programs. If this is your case, Google and forums like this can help w/ info to get you started.

Secondly, is driving with ADD hard for everyone or just me? I wasnít that great at it in Australia either. Itís like thereís an overload of too much stuff happening at once and Iíll focus on one thing, but neglect/forget about everything else happening around me, which causes me to make lots of mistakes. Its like thereís a delayed response and my brain canít work as fast as it needs to.
Treating the ADHD will help, but my "guess" is a major part is that everything is new and you do not have any conditioned reflexes/actions for much of it. This will improve by doing. Like walking while holding a conversation or thinking other things. So for driving you now have to focus, think through, and execute for every little item. Add-on the the whole wrong-side of the road thing that makes many of the conditioned actions you do have just plain wrong. Take a deep breath and if along the way you get over stressed, pull over and take a break or switch drivers. GL Brooke and HTH, -LN
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