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Re: ADD or SCT or ADHD-PI? (Which label do you prefer?)

(0:36)...then there is this group.

Who you call ADD.

Who the DSM-4 is calling inattentive type ADHD.

But the researchers have renamed into a different condition called SCT.

-Dr. Barkley

(1:52)...ADD without H found to involve.

-slow and inaccurate information processing.

-daydreaming, staring, easily confused, mental fogginess

-hypoactivity, sluggish movement, lethargy

-social withdrawn, shy, anxious

-much lower rate of aggression, ODD, and CD commodities
-Dr. Barkley

"When people are suffering mentally, they want to feel better—they want to stop having bad emotions and start having good emotions." (-Temple Grandin)
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