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Re: ADD and Driving

I drive in the US because I have to get around; I need to travel a lot when I'm in the US and carry a lot of stuff with me, so I have to drive whether I want to or not. I manage in the US by various coping mechanisms: I leave plenty of space between me and other cars, I keep scanning my mirrors all the time, I play music or audio books that are stimulating so I don't get too sleepy (I'm really inattentive when I'm sleepy).

But five years ago I moved to Africa, and I don't drive here. Too much chaos on the roads, things coming at you from all directions and people totally ignoring all traffic laws. You just have to be pay attention to everything all the time, and there just isn't room to leave that "extra space" around my vehicle that I like to do in the US. I decided there is too much risk of a lapse of attention causing a major disaster. But in Africa I have to have someone with me most of the time for security reasons anyway, so I just have someone else do the driving. Easy solution, but not one that works everywhere, unfortunately.
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