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Vyvance chewable pill/ splitting dosage

Greetings! We tried almost all meds and finally found Vyvance to work like a charm....almost. Problem is that he metabolizes it very fast. He used to take one at 7:00 am, would start coming off (with rebound) at noon, and then we would get a “booster” to take at noon and this would get us through the afternoon. We stopped the booster for awhile (not as academic classes in the afternoon), but when things got more rigorous again, we found that insurance will no longer cover a “booster”. Grrrr. Our psych said that that Vyvance just released a chewable extended release and called in a 60ml chewable with the intention that we could just cut in half. Our pharmacist told us “no way”, that the pill needs to be taken in its whole as the med is not distributed in the pill equally (could cut in half, but really could then take a 50 and a 10). We did not fill it, our psych is out next week, and now not sure what to do!
He suggested that we split a 60 capsule of power up instead, but that sounds hard!?!? Thanks!!
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