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Re: Meeting with School Today

Sarah thanks for the note. I just read it and really appreciated that you wish it had been more compassionate. I get it. I know how forums can be. We all have opinions and it is so easy to state them, but no one knows each other. We aren't chatting in our living rooms over a glass of wine. As for the "not fair" bit, I still don't get that. Do you truly care what another child in the classroom does or doesn't do?? I only care if it impacts MY child's ability to learn. I expect the school and parents of the other children to decide what is right for them. I really don't understand where you are coming from on that one. Maybe that is why there is a need for 504 and IEPs that you all talk about because other parents need something formalized in writing so they don't feel it is "unfair". Very interesting... If a child is missing a leg and they are allowed to skip PE, but your child who doesn't like PE has to participate is that "fair". I feel for the school administrators and understand why they are so unwilling to listen to parents' expressing their children's needs as they are worried that it will be seen as "preferential" treatment if even parents of ADHD kids talk about unfair instead of what is right for each child...This is likely why teachers and admin have to go through a formal process, not because they don't care but they have to protect themselves from all the other parents. Thank GOD my children are in an accepting school with a community that understands one size does not fit all and every child is different. My son is already in the accelerated math program and the school already has Spanish, music, and an art program so he is getting plenty of other well rounded education.
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