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Re: ADD Linked With RMD

Originally Posted by TygerSan View Post
Huh. I actually think I had this as a kid (I rocked myself to sleep). I never even considered it to be abnormal... how odd.
Like all ADHD traits, it is probably normal in early childhood to a certain degree?

I used to slide my arm back and forth, back and forth against the wall, I found the noise soothing, (same when my mom vacuumed back and forth, back and forth).

I also found it comforting lay a certain way to put my shoulder in a certain place, with my hand/arm stuck straight up in the air until I fell asleep. (I never did remembered my arm/hand falling down)(not sure how long it was actually up there after I fell asleep?)(when I was young I wondered/guessed if it had something to do with more blood flow to my brain)

In both examples, moving against the wall and fixed not moving, my arm/hand was “standing” up?

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