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Re: Ella is scared about moving on to biologics for her psoriasis.

Has she tried any long-term elimination diets/habits/attempts with various foods and/or topical products she uses on a regular basis as part of her hygiene/cleaning routine to see if any of those things are triggering it, are the root cause of it, and/or making it worse? Could the treatments themselves be making it more intense rather than better?

Specifically eliminating dairy, gluten, and all artificially flavored/colored/sweetened/scented/etc highly processed stuff are what comes to mind first. I have no idea about the rest of the treatment options, but the food intake and what is applied to and absorbed by the body regularly are always the first things that pop up in my mind after experiencing things the way I have in my world.

I've learned time and time again in the last several years that no matter what topical things are applied/taken, and paid very dearly for, none of it has nor will provide long-lasting sustained relief, as I've experienced it within my particular biology, if the root issue isn't figured out and dealt with. Wishing her lots of clarity in finding answers and relief.

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