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Re: Ella is scared about moving on to biologics for her psoriasis.

Originally Posted by Lunacie View Post
Sarah said they've been working with dermatologist for almost 3 years. I'd bet
that they've considered all those things. Allergies and sensitivities may make
the symptoms worse, but they are not likely to be the root cause.

Perhaps. If so, she can easily ignore everything I said. Just sharing the ideas that have helped me narrow down various things that were very problematic for my biological make-up that multiple specialists and/or professionals never did fully address, nor use the methods of such detailed deduction, both externally and internally. But they'd sell/prescribe me those expensive creams and ointments and such each time, without hesitation.

Topical issues (etc.) only go away/appear to be managed temporarily if the inward thing causing it isn't determined and changed/eliminated. Most of what was recommended to me by the folks highly trained to help me made me worse instead of better more often than not. I found it all to be pretty much a crap shoot.

Missy's suggestion is right on target. Products that we've been taught to use for "good hygiene" and "cleanliness" contain toxic stuff that wreaks havoc with us way more than most folks realize, yet many of those things aren't required to even be listed. Like "fragrance", for example.

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