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Re: I don't have a creative outlet, how do I find one that fits me

Originally Posted by psychopathetic View Post
I've played a ton of them...only held on to a couple.
Magic the gathering is my goto game. Every couple of years I jump back into the game where I play it obsessively.

There's also yu-gi-oh which I me and my friends played for years. haha we're all 30+ years old, but we don't care! We'd often meet up at local restraunts and get some games going. People would often look at us funny, or even come up to us and ask what we were doing. We had no shame and it was great!

I got into pokemon briefly...I really do like the game, it's just I couldn't get any of my friends into it with me so I gave up on it.

Chaotic was a surprisingly fun game...though short lived. Each of the physical cards had a code on it you entered online so you could play them online. I had a really nice deck with tons of the top cards in it I was proud as heck of.

My second favorite game of all time is The Lord Of The Rings tcg. Man that game was amazing! I was a young teen when it was around, and I met a college professor and a college student who played it...we'd often order a pizza and meet up at the college to play some games. It was great!

Oh and another I loved was a game called VS. System. Man that game was amazing!

Then there's a bunch of other smaller, lesser known games I've tried out over the years. I don't know what it is...but I LOVE trading card games.

1 game I'd LOVE to get into, but never found anyone to teach me around Legend Of The Five Rings.

Sorry for the long post haha. I could talk about TCG's all night!
Wow... I like TCGs too! Thought I don't have much access to buy physical cards so I stick to either online TCGs (like Urban Rivals) or arcade TCGs (Animal Kaiser). We could make a thread about TCGs!
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