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Was just diagnosed this week

Hello everyone, this is my first post on this forum. I went my whole life suffering through school, and work, even organizing my home life is very difficult. I procrastinate on chores, and lose important papers. When I am at work, I have a tendency to make stupid mistakes that I feel I should not be making.
I just turned 26 and went off my parents insurance and onto my own so I decided to bring these concerns up to my new GP. He referred me to a psychologist, and I was diagnosed with ADD. My GP decided that the best course of action was to put me on Adderall. I took my first dose yesterday, and everything just kind of clicked while I was on it. I felt a calm state of alertness and didn't feel the need to aimlessly pace around like I usually do at work. It seemed to be very beneficial for me to be on this medication. Though, as the day wore on I believe it started to ware off a little and I found myself becoming more and more unfocused, though I could feel the medication was still having an affect on me. I went to sleep around 2 last night and woke up around 9am, but I feel like it was a very light sleep. I took my first dose this morning, and I am back to being very focused and alert. I'm probably going to try to do some writing after I finish this post.
I just wanted to know if this all seems normal and consistent with experiences you guys have had. My GP wants me to take two of these a day, because it will begin to wear off, but I fear that it might cause sleeplessness for me. Is it fairly normal to experience light sleep, or sleeplessness even after the dose has seemed to wane off? Do you guys have any tips for me to help get my life in order, now that I am taking medication for it? Thanks for reading this post and I hope you all have a great day!
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