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What has been your typical experience with a Psychiatrist for an ADHD follow-up visit

I used to visit an NP (a different provider than my PCP) for ADHD medications. After some time, she moved on. I used to visit the NP about twice a year. When I went to a visit previously scheduled with her, another doctor filled in for the vacated spot. After meeting with him, I was scheduled to visit with him about six months later.

During the second visit, he identified himself as a psychiatrist. He only asked two questions regarding the medication. The remaining time was filled with what I'll call "customer service filler". Questions regarding my occupation and the name of my employer, how long I have lived in town, etc… I replied as I would anyone else (dentist, optometrist). I assume since they charge by the minute, these were probably stock questions to fill time. The appointments are scheduled for 15 minutes.

Of course since I wasn’t prepared to meet with a psychiatrist, I was taken back by the style of the visit. I found it odd for him to wonder off topic so often. A question that really threw me was, "tell me about yourself". I'm thinking what? What are you looking for? I never had a doctor ask me that before. Anyway I figured it out. It was "to get to know me" – aka time filer. Everything is already in my file (relationship status, family medical history, test results, employer, etc…) it is all under one clinic roof, but they seem to do their best to separate mental health from the rest of the clinic.

Clearly I am not used to these type of visits. I understand most individuals have some kind of lengthy pre-appointment/evaluation/intake meeting with a psychiatrist/nurse. I was surprised with the switch and being assigned a psychiatrist. Since I was already "in the system" this type of appointment was skipped.

I am interested in what a typical experience you have with a psychiatrist for an ADHD follow-up appointment if you care to share. Exclude the initial meeting (since it’s a onetime thing) and other afflictions/reasons to visit other than ADHD (omitting things like mood, anxiety, etc…). Do you stay on topic of the medication, are your appointments "quick" or "long", or anything else you can offer.

Someone shared with me that some people during a visit will bring up random topics not related to anything. I asked about what kind of topics and they replied "anything". I told them I don't get it, I don’t know why someone would pay to talk about nothing relevant. During a physical, I got charged an extra fee because I mentioned I had an amnesiac memory experience during a work trip once. All I did was answer his question if I had anything bothering me. Since it wasn’t considered part of the preventive adult maintenance, it wasn’t covered. No co-pay – $200 out of pocket.

My next appointment is in the beginning of May and my last appointment was at the end of January with this current provider. I know everyone is different and I appreciate all the information shared. I can honestly say I have benefited from the information shared and discussed. What may seem obvious to some people, is certainly not obvious to others.
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