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Re: What has been your typical experience with a Psychiatrist for an ADHD follow-up v

I'm very happy with my new psychiatrist. I found him myself after being disappointed in a adhd centre, where they spend hours asking questions from behind their screen, barely looking at me and drawing conclusions from computer results and bias from some information i gave them. The man i'm seeing now, doesn't even have a computer on his desk, and really has a conversation with me. Very to the point also, i don't know how he does it but he asks the right questions and gets more information from me within 30 minutes than the hours of questionnaires i had before. He is very openminded and treads me like a normal person, and that differs a lot from the adhd centre. Today i had my first follow up visit with him, it was about the medication, but he also asked me about what's going on and some things i told him on the first visit, and encouraged me in executing some of my plans. It took about 30 minutes and it didn't feel like he was clocking it. In the end he patiently took my blood pressure when i asked him to and wrote a new prescription. I think that a doctor with a private practise is more personal, less protocol and system limitations?

Maybe i don't understand your point, but what comes in mind is: have you been open for the person who wants to get to know you? How can you be sure it's a time filler? Also i don't understand that if someone tells you he talks about anything with his psychiatrist, that it's not relevant? It can be a two way street, you get what you put into it, as sadly not every psych is equally skilled in making things relevant. In my experience so far, some work more from theories they've learned, and some more on 'the human level', in the now. The latter is far more attractive to me. If you're not happy with your psychiatrist, i'd recommend you to find some one with a private practise; in my country that's covered by insurance as well, but i didn't know it was possible because via the GP i was send to a centre at first.
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