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Question for you all:

Does anyone else feel tired (when not medicated)?

When I'm not medicated, I get very sleepy in the middle of the day. There are only a few hours throughout the day in which I am at top of my game. I can nap for HOURS. But regardless, I move more slowly (well, I can still move really quickly it's just that I think more slowly or something) and it takes much more effort to start tasks.

I take stimulants and they keep me awake during the day and help give me the extra push to do tasks. I can speak more coherently and I function so much better at my tasks. Overall, I really like the meds. But when I can, I take a day off because I don't like being medicated if I don't need to be. (That goes for any medication that's not 100% necessary.) Recently I took several days off because I could, and its occurred to me that I'm pretty much slow and lethargic without the medication.

Do other people experience this?

One of my fears is that I'll become addicted to medication and I'll convince myself that I NEED it even when I really don't. So I was trying to figure out which is "normal" for people: the slower me or the faster me. Like is everyone else living at the slower pace and they're just able to push themselves to do tasks better than I can because they don't have ADHD? Or is everyone else living at the faster pace and pushing themselves to do tasks isn't as hard for them to begin with? (Essentially I'm asking myself if I'm having deficits more in the "pushing" or the "pacing.") Not sure if that makes sense, so feel free to just answer my question if it doesn't and disregard this paragraph.

Regardless, I do need the medication in the sense that it really has improved my life. I'm not doubting that. I just don't want to feel like I'm worthless without it.
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