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Exclamation Tips and tricks without meds

I really need some advice.

Itís superfrustrating always being in need of something new, and I have some months left in my job that i have to complete. And im so tired of everyone and the job itself.. but that is always happening (same with the others jobs i had).

Someone got some unique tips for anger,moodswings, hyperactivity, focus n concentration?
I donít have meds. Iíve tried all different types of diets,vitamins,sugar free etcetc. I do workout and that helps maybe 0,2%.
I tried mindfullness/yoga, but I canít be calm enough.

I need help how to:
Keep friends..iím excellent in meeting people. But then I get so bored of people after a few days, and also I can say so many dumb things and annoy people, but not realising it before its to late and canít stop it just keep on doing it. I love new people, the more people the beter.
Moodswings. Toughts. Feelings.
Listening. I just wanna talk all the time, Out of ę100Ľ conversations I just understand a few words. I wish I could listen.
Sleeping problems. Impulsivity. Restless. Dont know if it has been 1 minute or 8. Etcetc
This had been like this all my life, and now im ******* tired of this.

I donít have adhd but people have asked me if Iím sure I donít have it, and people are asking how i could have so much energy, etc. Im already bored of writing. In one way I donít belive in adhd, beacuse ęeveryoneĽ has it but at the same time I just realised if I could make it easier for myself with adhd drugs then it might be a good thing.

But sorry guys, the point is :
Im not taking any drugs if so it has to be over the counter.
Please give some tips.
Also coffeine/bcaa etc dont do anything to me, if so it make me maybe a bit calmer and beter focusing.
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