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Re: Delayed

Originally Posted by DarkMaGiicS View Post
When someone is speaking to me, They look at me weird waiting for a reply, But actually, I am listening but it takes my brain to realise what that person has actually said to me, I could easily be there talking to someone eye to eye and they don't get a response from me because i'm either thinking about something completely off-topic, or it take's me at least some time for my brain to function what that person said.

It's like my partner asks me to do something, She repeats it 2 more times and i'm just standing there like "Huh?"

Some people just don't know that US with ADHD/ADD can't listen or function what that other person is saying, Even if your looking directly at them

If the person is trustworthy I explain that maybe I do not pay attention to him and he may have to repeat what he said, but he does not take it personally.
For your comment I guess you just had an episode of this type. Have you been struck by something like that recently?
We are what we are, we are clueless, but also sensitive, good people and good partners. Do not let a negative aspect influence you.

EDIT: I'm sorry for my English, sometimes I do not express myself well
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